How not to overdo gift – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Every parent wants their child to provide that sweet anticipation before opening gifts, for Christmas, and what a lot of excitement when opening gifts. Well, not good to exaggerate! Aggressive marketing campaign and a tradition of giving leads parents to buy many gifts and unplanned spending.

What you need to understand as soon as possible for the benefit of your child is that, the figure does not create happiness, and that with so many gifts your child lose interest and enthusiasm, while you on the other side feel the financial consequences for a long time.

Love is not measured in the number of store-bought gifts and toys, so try not to succumb to the store while buying gifts, and to think that you need a child to buy all the toys that attract him and that he likes, leave something for birthdays or awards.

As much as you might that be unthinkable, but the children get lost in a multitude of gifts and loss that delight and joy of opening presents, when a lot of gifts. Especially younger children, the amount of gifts find confusing. Remember Christmas is more important quality than quantity.

From an early age teach your child the meaning of the holiday season is not a donation. Do not give in to advertising and shelves, children learn that the meaning of the holiday season socializing with family, help whoever needs, etc. The meaning of the holiday season is not buying and getting gifts!

As much as your house last save for the holidays, and as long as you and your family was excited about the holiday, and fully in predblagdanskoj euphoria, try not to forget what the meaning of the holiday season, and download it to your children, one day you will be grateful .

If for you and your family holidays are shopping and gift giving a large number of gifts, doing damage to your entire family. Sets the standard donation, which will be expected each year during the holiday season, if not even expect and each year a greater number of gifts. Avoid Masovo buy gifts and make the service itself, children and your wallet.

Of course it will be a child cheer gift, but equally may rejoice and your family, and having fun with it. Gifts fun for the moment, periods, and have the effect of Bribery of love, but gifts can not replace the love of family, and love is the most important for happiness.

Today’s poor financial situation in almost every home is nothing new, but the pre-holiday euphoria, and many TV commercials they make us buy gifts and spending large sums of money. If your family and one of those who experience a recession, and there are still consequences, waste of money, which anyway is not much, is really insane. Enjoy your holidays in a different and better way!

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